What type of life insurance policies can be USD denominated in a South African context?

Any I suppose but they typically are not when issued by South African insurers. The most prevalent will be investment type policies like endowments issued in hard currency denomination and are typically lump sum investment oriented. These products are very different beasts though with their own set of pitfalls and considerations. More about that in the future.


  1. Marc Tison

    How can someone stop me from buying offshore cover from an offshore insurer?
    How can one command-control the universe that way?
    In the end customers have choice and to assume that the SA insurance industry who are fighting to pay claims is that good and the only and best global option arounds sounds like a coupe d’etat led by the existing industry players to block us South Africans from securing better and cheaper insurance. It is great to see Discovery is coming up with a plan.

    1. CK

      No one can stop you, it is just a very tedious and cumbersome exercise….and expensive.
      The practical odds are stacked against you as a Safa, as it sometimes is.
      Regulation and circumstances clearly creates certain injustices in life,
      but it also creates opportunities. DM me for more on the Discovery’s USD Life Plan. 🙂

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